Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good by Fred HébertThis article series has come about as a result of my efforts to learn Erlang. In order to learn the language, I am reading the book "Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good" by Fred Hébert. Every time I come across something that I find difficult to understand I will make an effort to understand it and explain my understanding in detail. I will also - as far as possible - site alternative sources, possible exercises and more. First off, maybe you could be a pal and buy Fred Herbert's book. There is a huge effort behind that book and I think Fred deserve our support. You can get it at No Starch Press.

I must admit that I am cheating a bit, because I read ahead quite a few chapters before rereading an earlier chapter and then commenting on that chapter on this site. This is to discover what is important to remember and / or easy to forget as I dig deeper into the content.

Each article has a list of references that I stongly suggest you have a look at, including the Erlang Language Reference, the ETS reference and Joe Armostrong's book Programming Erlang.